Weird Emails I Get

The Strange emails we all get on a daily basis

It turns out seminars are more profitable after all.

It’s always nerve-wracking to fairly price services that are creative and unpredictable. The problem is that the writing market is not one-size-fits-all.

This month’s webinar focuses on how to price quality content fairly. The projects we’ll be discussing range from $10 blog posts to $50,000 writing projects backed by 300,000+ projects we’ve completed over the years. And we’ll give you the summary on what we’ve learned, and how to arrive at a fair price based on best practices and general trade conventions.

You’ll get the first copy of our new WriterAccess Guide to Projects and Prices that we’re beta-launching the day before this event. We’ll be inviting attendees (both writers and customers) to offer feedback on the new guide we’ll send to all registered attendees. And we’ll poll everyone in the Webinar as part of our beta launch. Special guest panelists will chime in and share thoughts and advice on our new pricing structure.


Your Math is Flawed Sir.

It will cost Robert Lowdon Photography nothing to try Eventective’s Pay-Per-Click advertising feature, EventClicks.  It’s much like Google Adwords except it is fixed price per unique daily visitor — just 20 cents (20¢).


Works Like a Virus?

Although there is a debate as to when the term viral marketing really originated, it did rise in popularity in the mid to late 90’s. Viral marketing works just like a virus.


And What Will You Accomplish?

Last month I launched an online workshop that turned out to be our most popular ever. I think the reason is because I showed people the critical elements that should be in every “modern” sales and marketing plan, and helped them discover opportunity in their businesses out of thin air.

If you don’t know these critical elements, then I guarantee you that you are leaving opportunity (real money) on the table every month. But you don’t have to be!

I’ve decided to make this online workshop available for Web Pro News subscribers for a limited time. If you register now, you can start uncovering opportunities today!

Here’s what you’ll accomplish during the workshop: 

Learn how to develop a fully-customizable sales and marketing plan that: 

* Attracts new prospects by the droves 

* Converts more prospects into customers 

* Extracts maximum value from existing customers 

* Grows your referral business by leaps and bounds 

Learn Seven Strategies That Built a $38 Million Company 

I co-founded Infusionsoft 10 years ago, and in that time we’ve researched more than 10,000 small businesses to discover the formulas that make small businesses thrive. We used what we learned to build a framework that any small business owner can use to improve their marketing and sales results. We call this new approach Lifecycle Marketing for Small Businesses. (What is Lifecycle Marketing?) 

These are the same strategies I used to take Infusionsoft from a small startup to a $38 million company. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to start growing your business and profits overnight. 

Previously only offered via in-person seminars, I am now sharing this valuable information in a 75-minute power-packed online workshop for the first time ever. 

You’ll complete this workshop with a customized Lifecycle Marketing Plan that can start bringing you more customers tomorrow. I guarantee you will leave this workshop with a totally new level of confidence in your company’s future. 


The ColorMunki Family of color management solutions

The ColorMunki Family of color management solutions provides advanced control for your digital workflow. This webinar will review the individual ColorMunki solutions including software demonstrations and discussions of how each solution is used. From monitor and projector to printer and camera, the ColorMunki family gives you choices and solutions for your needs. All options are small and portable for travel keeping your workflow in control no matter where in the world you find yourself. 

This live webinar gives you the opportunity to ask your questions and understand each solution in detail so you can make the right decision on what ColorMunki family solution is for you. Register today to secure your seat. Attendees will enjoy special discounts so don’t miss your opportunity to adopt your own ColorMunki. Stop guessing. Start knowing. Get your color workflow under control with ColorMunki by X-Rite.



Fast websites = happy users. That is why we are giving away these
awesome Data Nerd shirts for free when you deploy New Relic.


Savvy Business Owner

As a savvy business owner, you know you should tap in to social media, 
ramp up your SEO efforts and work on your website and email marketing. 
But how do you grow your business online while still managing 
everything else in your company?

Plus, where do you even begin? What if you’ve never tried PPC ads, 
Google Analytics or article marketing? How do you start? Easy…

Infusionsoft, the Leader in Marketing Automation Software has created 
a simple Guidebook to help business owners navigate online growth.

Download this FREE Internet Marketing Guidebook and discover:

* How to instantly improve your website effectiveness
* Simple ways to improve your search engine rankings
* Where you should spend your online advertising dollars
* The easiest ways to engage in social media
* And much more

Ultimately, you’ll learn 30 fast and easy ways to grow your business 
online. And you can do it all without having to become an expert on 
every topic!

Download your FREE Guide Today!



We are one of the best digital images retouching company located in India. We provide all kinds of image retouching solutions to Photographers/ Retouching Companies.

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·          Restoration and repair old images

·          Wedding & Event Album Design.

Basic editing work in our services: -

·                 Cut out/masking, clipping path, deep etching, transparent background

·                Dust cleaning, spot cleaning

·                Colour correction, black and white, light and shadows etc.

·                Beauty retouching, skin retouching, face retouching, body retouching

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Dear princess I hate to break it to you but $4.35 isn’t much. Time to sell your goldmine.

I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of God for you to help me and my family, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly and you would never regret this.

  I am a female student from Burkina Faso University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) Burkina Faso , Ouagadougou . My father died earlier eight months ago and left I and my junior brother behind. He was a king, which our town citizens titled him over sixteen years ago before his death.

 I was a princess to him and my mother is not literate enough to know my father’s entire wealth.  He left the sum of USD $4.350.000.00US dollars. In a security company, this money was annually paid into my late fathers account from the Gold mining company and Cotton processing Company operating in our locality for the compensation of youth and community development in our jurisdiction.

I don’t know somewhere in abroad to invest the money so that my father’s kindred will not take over what belongs to my father and our family because I’m a female according to our African tradition.

Now, I urgently need your humble assistance to move this money from the security company to your bank account that is why I felt happy when I saw your contact because I strongly believe that by the grace of God, you will help me invest this money wisely.

 I am ready to pay 20% of the total amount to you if you can help us in this transaction and another 10% interest of annual after Income to you, for handling this transaction for us, which you will strongly have absolute control over. If you can handle this project sincerely and also willing to assist me in lifting this money to your country, kindly reach me.

 Please, note that this transaction is 100% risk free and I hope to start the transaction as quick as possible, I will send you my photograph as soon as I hear from you

Yours sincerely,
Princess. grace masoki